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Questions Arising
from the Terms & Conditions of the 48-Hour Challenge

Q. What are the minimum and maximum numbers of people on a Team?
A. A Team must have at least one member and, perhaps, no more than fifty-three thousand; however, without counting extras, it might be sensible to have no more members than the number of voices which cried “God save King Richard”.*

Q. May one person be a member of more than one Team?
A. Certainly.

Q. All right, may one person create more than one one-person Team and submit a film for each Team?
A. Anyone who reckons that he or she alone can complete two or more films in forty-eight hours is quite welcome to try.

Q. It is great that registration is free, thanks to some generous sponsors, but may Teams send some money anyway?
A. Yes, Team-members (and anyone else for that matter) may certainly help to fund this non-profit event.

Q. Have many people precisely have asked the last two questions?
A. These are “questions arising” not “frequently asked questions”.

Q. Will every short film submitted be screened at the festival?
A. Not necessarily; the organisers reserve the right to adjudge any film ineligible under the Terms & Conditions, and even a short film which complies with the rules may be considered unsuitable for screening.

Q. After the competition may Teams re-edit their films for screening elsewhere or for entering other competitions?
A. Teams may do what they like with their own films but, by registering for the Challenge, each Team allows the Rosebery Film Festival permission to promote, display and share the film, as submitted to the festival, on websites and other media.

Q. The Terms & Condition number twenty-one; are there any other rules you thought you might add since the registration period began?
A. Sure: “22. A concern for one’s safety in the face of dangers that are real and immediate is the process of a rational mind.”

Q. What, pray tell, does that mean?
A. That is a quotation from Catch 22 by Joseph Heller. Furthermore, “Agents enforcing 22 need not prove that 22 actually contain whatever provision the accused violator be accused of violating.” (ibid.)

Q. Who will judge the films?
A. Names of judges will be revealed later.

Q. What are the categories of prizes?
A. Those too will be revealed later.

* As reported by Buckingham in The Life & Death of Richard the Third, by William Shakespeare, Act III, Scene vii.
Q. That was just a fancy way of saying “ten”, right?
A. Right.

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