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Rosebery Film Festival

Rosebery Festival Inc., which organises the annual Rosebery Festival, presented
the first Rosebery Winter Film Festival on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend in June, 2019.

A 48-Hour Challenge was the main event of the first Festival, and continues until 31 August.
One film completed for the Challenge is “Between Drops”, which won a prize for best film finished
during the festival’s inaugural weekend; its star, Ava Reeve, won the prize for outstanding performance.
Other films completed for the Challenge include “Time” and “Searching for Ophelia

Two feature films were screened: the world premiere of “Father”, written and directed by Edward Williams, and
Indigo Lake”, written and directed by Martin Simpson, which won best picture at the L.A. Independent Film Festival.

Three masterclasses for film-makers were also presented.

The Rosebery Film Festival’s events are all completely free to the public thanks to generous sponsors
who, of course, do not necessarily endorse the content of any film presented or made at the festival.

An Athenian sound-recordist of the fifth century B.C.

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